Structural Design / Consulting

At MAK engineering, we believe strong structural design is a blend of scientific thought and artistic vision. We also believe an effective structural engineer should possess diverse talents including ingenuity, experience, vision, technical ability, creativity, communication skills, integrity and an understanding of project goals. At MAK engineering, we use our talents in a practical manner to bring value to every project. Structural design is our passion and our talent.

MAK engineering senior staff have logged countless hours in all phases of various project types: multi story to low rise, new construction to renovation, high profile to low key, fast track to design build to bid. We put our talent to work for clients that include owners, architects, general contractors, subcontractors and other engineers. We use the latest technology and develop custom in-house resources for the most efficient use of time and talent. Our resources and talents make MAK engineering a full-service structural engineering firm that promises a quality consulting experience.